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Biomedicine international training research programme for excellent clinician-scientists
Bringing science from bench to bedside 7 research projects running + information
+ information


Learn about BITRECS activities and milestones.

Seven clinician-scientists selected - March 2019

Clinician-scientists provide an invaluable help in translating research results “from bench to bedside”,  thanks to their deep understanding of medical problems and their hands on experience with patients and diseases. Unfortunately, recruitment and retention of these professionals has become more and more difficult due to the lack of appropriate funding opportunities, the high workload and the low economic remuneration. 

To reverse this negative trend, the Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) in Barcelona, thanks to its strategic alliance with the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona that ensures the direct translation of research to the patients, has launched BITRECS: Biomedicine international training research programme for excellent clinician-scientist”. This programme is supported by the H2020 MSCA-COFUND programme and La Caixa foundation

The BITRECS programme offers a unique opportunity for postdoctoral clinician-scientists to carry out translational research in one of the available IDIBAPS’ top-class research groups.  In 2019, eight international candidates have been selected after a competitive peer-reviewed selection process and seven of them have already started their 36-month training research programme designed to promote scientific research of excellence and support career progression as successful clinician-scientist leaders.


"La Caixa" foundation sponsors BITRECS - March 2019

"La Caixa" foundation will support the implementation of the BITRECS programme within a framework agreement with the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (HCB).

During the next 5 years, "la Caixa" will finance 3 main strategic initiatives of the HCB, among them the selection and training of a new generation of clinician-scientists leading innovative translational research projects throught the "Biomedicine international training research programme for excellent clinician-scientists".

The common commitment of IDIBAPS and HCB towards the promotion of professionals with a clinician-scientist profile together with the support of "la Caixa" foundation will guarantee the successful completion of the BITRECS programme.

Kick-off meeting - October 2019

On October 1st 2019, the seven fellows selected to participate in the Biomedicine International Training Research programme for Excellent Clinician-Scientists (BITRECS) celebrated its official start together with IDIBAPS managers. A whole day of activities took place at the Center Esther Koplowitz in Barcelona with IDIBAPS Director Dr. Elias Campo opening the meeting.

The kick-off allowed introducing IDIBAPS institutional framework and all the departments supporting the BITRECS programme. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the “La Caixa” Foundation as sponsoring entity of the BITRECS Programme.

The BITRECS fellows had the opportunity to present themselves and their research projects; moreover, they were invited to participate in a training activity aimed at providing tools for the identification of career goals and professional aspirations. This training was organised to allow the fellows to draw a personal career development plan outlining their short and long-term career objectives and the relative implementation strategy. 

Although the BITRECS fellows had already started their research project, the kick-off meeting signed the official start of a unique journey that will see the professional growth of seven promising clinician-scientists and the successful implementation of their research projects. 

Science outreach: the brain explained - November 2019 / January 2020

Two BITRECS fellows successfully explained their research activity to high schools students in two scientific outreach events, one promoted by IDIBAPS with the support of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, and the other by AGAUR.

Isabel Valli and Norma Verdolini both have a background in psychiatry and, within BITRECS, they are currently developing their research projects at IDIBAPS in the laboratory of Dr. Sugranyes and Dr. Vieta, respectively. Due to their interest spreading scientific culture among the general public, the two BITRECS fellows decided to join forces to participate in two activities aimed at raising awareness among high school students on the importance of biomedical research in neuroscience and the fascinating work done by scientists.

As part of the outreach activity Generaciò ciencia (November 2019), organised by IDIBAPS and that hosted more then 250 high school students, Isabel and Norma prepared an exciting workshop to explain how the brain process emotions, especially those related to the stimulation of fear, and how defects in the underlying brain circuits could lead to pathological conditions.

The two BITRECS fellows participated also in the RecerConnecta iniciative and explained to students of the “Institut Torra y Bages” in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat what changes occur in the brain during adolescence (January 2020).

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